Search Engine Optimization

Make sure your business gets found online!

Search Engine Optimization

STLR will start with a website audit to gauge your current ranking and identify any problems that may be present on your website from an SEO perspective. The Website audit is used to identify the trouble spots with the website architecture, HTML markup and any additional areas that may cause trouble for your rankings. We will evaluate your keyword standing and evaluate what pages may need reworked for keyword targeting. We will create a SEO strategy for the client as a blueprint moving forward.


Link Building

Link building involves getting third party websites to link back to specific pages on your business site. A good amount of research and strategy goes in to creating a beneficial backlink strategy. We will evaluate each and every domain when acquiring a backlink to ensure trust and the use of proper keyword terms used for the link, to help build the websites authority for a given term.


SMART Analytics

We will implement a SMART analytics campaign and identify trends for your website visitors and the devices they use. We will observe how users interact with your website from their different devices, and where those users come from to identify your strongest traffic sources and which ones send traffic that perform the best.


Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the analytical based approach to identifying keywords that drive results, identifying traffic volume and the competition of each keyword. When doing keyword research the expert may identify some keywords that a business's website could easily rank for and others that will require effort to compete with the competition.


SEO Website Audit

A website audit is an examination of the website and server configuration, utilizing tools and expertise to identify trouble areas both onsite and  offsite. The Onsite examination deals with the overall status and standings of the website, it's architecture, and the markup, and the offsite examination looks at the number of inbound links, social networks and directory listings.


Competitive Analysis

A competitor analysis is a thorough research project involving the identification of competitors and comparing your competitor's performance with your business. Once we are able to examine where your competitors are beating you we can literally reverse engineer their methodology and one up them, and use this information to form a plan to make your business shine above the rest.


Spam Link Removal

STLR will scan and identify bad links to your site from those shady areas of the internet that may get you in to trouble. This is an ongoing service and will be performed regularly to minimize the risk of penalties being incurred.


SEO Reporting

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process and STLR will routinely review your website performance to find issues and opportunities that exist to ensure that our SEO strategy is hitting it's mark and we are always heading in the right direction.

Search Engine Optimization is the best long-term marketing strategy you can implement for your business. STLR uses the most effective and current white-hat organic search engine optimization strategies. After careful research of your website we develop and implement a strong, targeted strategy that gets results. We use proven methods that drive visitors to your website. Contact us now to get started.