Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is changing the way brands interact with their customers. It's becoming a compelling resource for brand awareness and can increase sales. It's proven that customers are more likely to purchase from brands they follow in social media. Social Media is becoming so important you are now starting to see activity on social media platforms show up on search results. As the internet evolves and changes consumer behavior businesses must be able to adapt to keep up with their customers interests. Is your business Social Media ready?



Social Media Management

Social Media is one of the top most effective forms of digital marketing. With so many Social Media platforms to maintain it's difficult to effectively manage them all, and your business. That's where STLR can help. We can help your business set up your Social Media accounts and increase your followers. Social Media has the power to maximize your brand's awareness and increase your bottom line.

STLR begins by assessing your businesses Social Media impact. We then give you are recommendations of how your business can improve its Social Media presence. Then we will begin to apply your new Social Media strategy to your accounts, creating any you may not already have. Social Media account setup services includes creating custom images and writing original optimize content for your business. We can do as much or as little as you want. We will teach you how to use your new Social Media profiles and how to track and interpret user engagement so you know what's working and what isn't.

Social Media Management Services Include:

  • Strategy development
  • Social profile setup
  • Platform monitoring and moderation
  • Status updates
  • Content development
  • Ad campaigns
  • Reporting
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Social Media Paid Advertising

Social Media advertising can help maximize your brand's visibility and user engagement more than any other form of online advertising. STLR uses social media behavioral data to understand how your customers interact on social media. We then utilize this data to create winning advertising strategies that your customers see wherever they go. Increasing your paid social media advertising has proven to increase ROI.

Paid Social Media Advertising Services Include:

  • Targeting your ideal audience
  • Creating and designing compelling ad copy
  • Determining the most profitable advertising goals
  • Communicating the benefits of engaging with your ad or company
  • Creating landing pages that turn ad traffic into leads
  • Tracking advertising results

Social Media Brand Management

Social Media Brand and Reputation Management is critical your brand's consumer perception. Consumers follow brands on social media because they identify with the brand and want to know about upcoming sales or promotions. When companies go above and beyond customers feel special and want to share their satisfaction on social media. Alternatively when customers are even mildly unsatisfied with any aspect of their transaction they are quick to tell everyone how horrible they were treated. This is where STLR can help. We can help you  manage your business's social media accounts. We can step in provide damage control on negative comments and encourage more positive user engagement.

We specialize in these platforms

There are many social networks out there, but our team of social experts focus primarily on the majors. If there are new power players odds are we will adopt those too, but we find these networks bring the most time value return for our clients. Don't manage it all on your own, let STLR's social team do the work for you!